For a sleepy blogger like me, 8 years definitely just whooshing by.

Thanks wp for the 8 years 🙂

Worry Less, Live More.



That Yearly Post



I really need to overcome my laziness when it comes to blogging or journaling.

Writing has been such a great part of my life. Even though the writing is not all that great. Nevertheless, it imprints my milestones, my happiness and sorrow in this world wide web.

And yesterday I turned 28. In blogging years, I’m 11 years old already!!

So what can I say… It is quite a journey even though it’s nothing compared to an action packed movie or some melodramatic flick. If I were to choose my life as a movie or drama… I would say.. Honey and clover?

I found myself so many times lost in thoughts or doing something quietly, yet at the same time surrounded by family and friends whom are vibrant and supportive. And yeah I’m in a never ending soul searching ride like Takemoto.. yes I know I identify myself with an anime/manga character.

Alhamdulillah I’m blessed with a good life and hopefully Allah will keep me on His path.

Worry less, love more


Worry Less, Live More.


Wisdom from mak

This morning , the drive to the office could sum up mak’s entire worldview about life. We had a chat.. but not the usual daily event kind of chat.

The most memorable parts were

I don’t have wealth to give but I do hope I can leave memories for my children. Like “Oh mak used to do this in this situation…oh she used to do that”

Allah made the traffic went smoothly because it could’ve one small deed we did. Never belittle a small deed.

I tried to make my life as simple as it could be.

I want to leave the world in a healthy condition because I don’t want my kids to commit sins while halfheartedly caring for a sick or senile mom.

I think my tearducts were having a hard time restraining.

What hit me the most was how she tried to set an example and we could benefit from that after she’s gone.

It’s a good thing my sis, Monmon got cranky in the morning and made mak gave her two cents. It’s another way of structuring a list of question and milking the wisdom and knowledge from the one who matters in the end.


Worry Less, Live More.


The elephant in the room

I rarely make remarks on viral videos, but #sayazahra , had awoken the conscience deep within me.


At first, you can’t but just left in awe with her exuding charisma and  rhetorics.

Until you read the mixed reactions that speech received.

Is her concerns valid.

Exaggerated worries?
Maybe for now.

But what was “her” motive?
Is it much of a plead for a solution from the higher ups?

That, I’m not sure of and it would be a different  story altogether.

Frankly, I’m concerned myself. I’m part of the so called gen y.

There is no one solution fit for all.

Its really time for young working adults in this country to be literate on how investing in wealth and which way suits our own lifestyle.

I mean how to structure retirement, buying assets and managing cashflow.

I get a headache..literally everytime; especially when my sister always promote cashflow apps. But truth is, we have to be aware when we are living in this system.

Like it or not….

It’s not much of living in abundance… and not so much of security…

To me, there’s so many other things I want to do in life, and I just don’t want money to get in the way.

There is at times, most valuable experiences in  life comes without a pricetag even when normally they would. Alhamdulillah, I have been given a glimpse of that.

On the other side of the coin, our intent and effort has to be there. An effort for a better life because we are encourage to treasure our existence. Would you chose to stay a beggar when Allah has perfected you?

And as we say it, the rest we leave it to Allah.

Zahra, I know your concern is real. I’m chained with student loans myself and it can be overwhelming  to think of house loans and car loans in the not so far off future.

But lets be practical, with proper planning, good ideas to invest and a huge chunk of Faith of there is Someone taking care of us, don’t be scared.

And maybe your parents can subscribe to life insurance that comes with a trust fund… as a matter of fact…so can you.

My 2 cents really.for myself.

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Worry less,live more.

Saya Zati

A new phase

I finally get to realised the engineer aspiration. I’m not sure..*I never was* if its something I wanted to do, but taking my mom’s word to heart.

Life’s an adventure. Expect unexpected turns and new things along the way

If mak can brave her life.. so can I. Tge very least we share the same adventurer blood.

Plus, its only day two. I’m merely an alien on a foreign planet.


To see the Beloved.

Assalamualaikum  wbt

It feels like a dream.
To breathe in the winds that touches him.
To walk on the same streets that he walked.
To be under the same sky.
To be close to Habibullah.
To be his guest at Masjid Nabawi.
It is said, selawat done in Masjid Nabawi goes directly to him.
The days there, felt long and I love it that way.
I love the fact that his masjid is across the street.
The gust of air when the ceilings opened to the heavens above.
The adzan heard twice at dawn to wake up the city and to call for prayers.
But above all, the heart felt at home.

Ya Mujib, call us again to Your holy lands.


Back in town.


Assalamualaikum ,

There’s a lot of things I am returning to; my hometown, old house, old routine and revisiting old fears.

Going back home at my age in this country is not a big deal because I’m a malay girl and pretty much old fashioned at that. My mother wouldn’t  mind if I had a place of my own or worked somewhere else but it is more appreciated if the daughters are in environments that are classified safe and wholesome.

But at this point and time, I’ve yet to venture outside my comfort zone -geographically speaking. The furthest I’ve been away was Muar and that was only 2 and a half hours drive.

But being home also meant I left my previous job. Officially on the hunt and this time round the focus is going back to school as well as part timing any university position like being an RA.

And this brings about the discussion what kind of study I would persue. Certainly, I must start somewhere and for now I’m only eyeing the university next door (literally)- UPM.

My dad was an alumnus from the Engineering faculty and UPM is showing trends of agressive increase in researches for the past 5 years.(Ok, I am just throwing out a number but I saw in the papers on the increase of the university research papers)

So again, this decision is more about convenience rather than my passion.

It’s just been more than a day I quit my old job…the dust hasn’t settled  yet.. at least from my vantage point.

I felt a bit rushed somehow. MY BUM self wanted out… I mean..having late breakfast at home.. do some cleaning. .. do some reading…maybe get to see some exhibition.

But of course, the practical side of things realised the pressing need to get back into the daily grind and milk in the moolah. (Why does it sound less attractive?)

Whatever it is, the fog is sooo thick… I barely can navigate my ship. But I am enjoying being on my deck and hoping for a some sun and wind.. So I can set sail again. Insya Allah.